Advocating is finding solutions to a problem and taking needed action.  Granted, some people are able to do this faster and better than others.  All people are capable.

If you've come to this site you are looking for a better way to get answers.

In a best case situation.  What to do and not to do.

  • When we speak for ourselves and others, the point is to be heard.  It is said that typically we have 5 minutes to make our point.  After that, the people who are listening, lose interest.
  • Make a list if you need to and put it in front of you.
  • It is best to make your point clearly and concisely.
  • Use only the words that you need and then wait for an answer.
  • However long it takes, wait for the answer.
  • If the person you are speaking to, goes off of the point.  Re-ask the same question.
  • Again wait for an answer.
  • Be patient
  • Be calm
  • Try to leave your emotions out of the conversation.
  • No whining, pleading, name calling, swearing or begging.
  • No threatening body gestures.
  • No flirting or suggestive body gestures.
  • No rambling.
  • Expect truth
  • Give respect
Advocating is more than sitting with someone and just being there.  Or allowing someone to dictate to you what their plans are for you.  If you are a free person you have choice.

Seek out people who love what they do.  Your outcomes will always be better.  Why?  When you love what you do, you strive to become the best.