You know your body better than anyone else does.  Trust in that.  If you have children, or are a caregiver, you know that person you're caring for, more than anyone else.  Also trust in this.

It takes a lifetime to know a person.  Don't expect a doctor or any medical person to know you in 20 minutes.

If you or someone you're caring for is ill or having weird symptoms.  Concentrate on and pinpoint the problem.  Write everything down.  Even the smallest changes, write it down.  Time and date it.  Also include how long it's been going on.  Take this list with you to the doctor.  Stay on point with these symptoms.

Remember a doctor chose their field, just as you chose your field.  As in all jobs, some graduated at the top of their class, and some graduated at the bottom.  Some people love what they do.  Others work just for the paycheck.  Seek out people in any field or profession that love what they do.  Your outcomes will always be better.

A doctors job is to be a good medical detective.  Their job is to diagnose your problem, and find an agreeable solution. The agreeable solution includes your opinion, since it is your body or the body of someone you love and care about.

Remember your list for your appointment.  Go over the suggestions on the Advocating page.  See if the doctor has a genuine interest in you, looks at you, listens to what you're saying.  If not, it's best to move on and not waste your time or money.

Doctors are not psychics.  They are human, just like you or your Uncle Bob who is always scratching their face or scrotum.  Some do have great experience and intuition.  Yet, they only know what you tell them.  So tell them the truth.

No matter what your diagnosis is, never panic, research.  Seek out a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more opinions if needed.  By all means if you feel confident in your doctor and diagnosis, stay with them.  Never feel that you will upset your doctor, or that you're betraying them, by seeking out other opinions.  You have to find the best solution for you or your loved one.  This is the bottom line.

Understand you have the right to say no to any test, procedure, medication or course of care.  If you seek out another opinion, never tell them what the doctor before them, diagnosed you with.  Take your list of symptoms and let them do their job.   Listen to their diagnosis and course of care, write it down.

Always keep in mind, you are shopping for the best outcome for your body.  If you've done your research and find a course of care that you feel comfortable with, seek out a doctor that follows this protocol.  You will never force a doctor to change the way that they do things, for you.

Doctors will only work within the set of skills that they have, what they've been taught, and what's available to them.  If you've done your research and know that there is a better solution.  Find the doctor that can give you that better solution.  Just because one doctor  cannot give you that solution, doesn't mean, it's not possible.  There are doctors that will continue to seek better solutions for their patients, and evolve through continual learning.