And So On


Life is a journey.  My journey has led me here.  People who know me, know that I can be counted on to help them navigate through tough times.  Navigating through the medical community. Finding alternatives to pharmaceuticals by using herbals.  Advocating on their behalf.  Teaching people how to advocate for themselves.  Many times I wished that I could help on a wider basis.  This is that basis.

Many have come, when they're out of options medically, or when the system is no longer working for them.   When they've been told to go home and get their affairs in order.  Or when they've been trapped, duped or misinformed.

My name is Deborah.  I was raised on herbals, and have used herbals myself, for my family and friends, for well over 30 years.  Earned my BSN, becoming a registered nurse for over 25 years now.  I've had great mentors.  One of the best, taught me how to research, and how to study and scrutinize research studies.  I've earned a masters certificate in bioinformatics, this is just the new computerized medical record system.  And then there's the in-between.

We all have the in-between that makes us who we are.  Credentials are one thing.  Integrity, common sense, moxie, listening, hearing, empathy, understanding, faith and experience is another.  At an early age, life forced me to stand for those who couldn't, and to stand and protect myself.  This is the wisdom that I pass onto others.  Be kind.  Respect each other.  Give a little love, time, concern and empathy.  You never know who you might need or meet on your journey.